You no longer have to defend Lôžko

You no longer have to break your head with a team where your Dieťatko will spin on vacation. You no longer need to call the hotels and pride of SA, or to you požičajú Lôžko pre Bábätko. You can enjoy the unique and the most practical travel tickets, the purchases of the treasure of the Nice salvation at the Hoteli, the Chate, Chalupe Alebo on the visit to a friend. With this practical lôžkom you can think of the kamkoľvek. You will appreciate the good storage qualities, small dimensions and comfortable prenášanie. Complete self-assembled plan quality materials with Dôrazom on the safety of the same children. In our Ponuke you will find Rôzne type and color Prevedenia, you can choose the right one.
Practical and safe
Ponúkame on the Predaj practical travel post, purchases plan ideal for the holiday. Tieto Lôžka plan suitable from Narodenia to pre väčšie children to Troch Rokov. The okrem of safe sleep sent to Tieto Lôžka and the great playing cure pre your offspring. The Súčasťou of each piece is a portable bag pre-adhesive manipuláciu, Vrecko on small Things and sieťed window pre-adhesive Circuláciu air. All models of the tiež include a side entrance, so that the children can make their own way. You will appreciate the simple storage mechanism. You don't have to do the cure.