Mácha Lake Chalets

Are you among those who already have crowded streets, crowded roads and constant noise that is in the cities of the day? Then arrange with your family or friends and come to visit us, Mácha's Lake huts, when our Elite Cottage Village offers a great base for leisally spent days with your loved ones, not only in the summer season.
Book Mácha's Lake Huts and you won't regret it. We offer a total of 192 beds, which is 48 cottages. Among other things, you can find a wide range of sporting activities-volleyball, table tennis and so on.
Peace and tranquility
Pine forest, huge lake, boating, beach, large fireplace-you can find all of this in or near the Elite Cottage-colony and use it at any time. For the more demanding of you, there is, of course, a Wi-Fi or a grocery shop available in addition to the already mentioned. Mácha's lake huts are worth a try!