Draught Ice cream – qualities that don’t get tired

Ice cream, where you were, you haven't studied for so long! Tralala, Tralala, Martinka licked me! Join the children of the sweet, Moms and Tate, the summer is new, everything will be pink. There will be sun, water, air-let there be an ice-cream spirit! Delicious creamy, cream-coloured ice cream, make your daily snack!
As the summer reminds us, we'll have the ice cream, forget the winter and we are the children of paradise. Draught ice cream in every family! That I don't like it? I'm not doing anything, I'm going to go to Adrie, I'll get my ice cream right! Don't buy the left! Be smart than "blithe" money you spend!
So so "our draught ice cream in every family"!
What to conclude: at the swimming pool or at the pilgrimage-the ice cream, let's try our taste!